Simple and free email capture forms.
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simple and free email subscription and capture forms

How it works.

Give your visitors something valuable inexchange for their email address.

1. Generate a form.

You can generate and embed unlimited forms on your website and blog. So get crazy, people!

2. Add a link to a freebie.

Link to a free download, a valuable video you found on youtube, or anything you found on the web.

3. Embed on your blog.

Grow your email list or generate leads from your website. So simple and and so free.

The video explanation.

Watch a short video on how to use ListLadder.

...ya know it's free, right?

Our favorite freebie ideas.

What can you link to or give away inexchange for a visitor's email address?

Free Checklists
Free PDFs
Free Spreadsheets
Watermark Free Images
Youtube Video
A Free Tool
Free Case Studies
Free eBooks
Free Cheat Sheets
Travel Itineraries
Cool Random Page You Found
Charts or Graphs
Free Courses
Free Interviews
Free Bonus Content
Quiz Results
Hidden Pages on Your Site
Printable Articles